Ozein Wearable Purifier

Ozein Wearable Purifier

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Ozein Wearable Mini Air Purifier
Negative ions in this wearable mini air purifier will attract floating particles in the air. When this happens, the particle becomes too heavy to remain airborne, and as a result, the particle will fall out of the air.

It will protect you from inhaling harmful micro-organisms and exposure to allergens, germs, bacteria and dust found suspended in the air around you, providing a personal bubble of clean, fresh air anytime, anywhere!

Subject to terms and conditions, all units are eligible for the 3-year free service warranty and 1-year warranty for change in spare parts.


Negative Ion: 20,000,000/cu.cm
Voltage: 5V DC
Power: 1W
Dimension: 74.5x29x22mm
Net Weight: 35g
Power supply: USB
Battery: Lithium 500mAh capacity